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I can’t even begin to describe the brilliance of this segment. 



i’m screaming. she’s fucking awesome. anyone know where this can be found as an actual video?

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This is the most accurate thing in the world. {

This is the most accurate thing in the world.

Ladies and gentleman…my cat. {

Ladies and gentleman…my cat.

layingsupineinthesunshine said: Hmmm.. I'm very interested in reading about the vegan lifestyle, and I respect vegan beliefs; however I just don't understand why I can't enjoy meat without being a bad person?


The meat, dairy and egg industries are very cruel. Contributing to them by buying meat, milk and eggs is contributing to the torture of millions of animals who have every right to live peaceful lives.
*These are just few of the things that happens*
Cruelty in the meat industry:
Animals are bred and kept in cold, dark environments, in a crate where they can barely turn around. They’re made to live in their own feces. Even if they have babies, the only way they are allowed to interact with them is like this:imageThe mother is soon taken away for slaughter. 
I think you can imagine what goes on inside a slaughterhouse. The animals are lined up and forced to watch as their companions are slaughtered, knowing they’re next. What part of this seems acceptable?image

Cruelty in the egg industry:
Male chicks are seen as waste products in the egg industry, so they are either ground aliveimage or made to suffocate in plastic bags. The chickens are forced to lay eggs their entire lives until they’re exhausted and can do no more. They’re then killed.

Cruelty in the dairy industry:
Where do I even begin? Cows are artificially inseminated by having a steel rod shoved up their vaginas. When they give birth, the calf is taken away immediately, because they can’t be drinking up all the milk meant for humans, right? Now cows are just like mothers of any other species. They’re completely traumatized when their calf gets taken away, and bellow and cry for them for days. This isn’t a one time thing. It happens again and again and again. A cow has to be pregnant in order to produce milk. So she’s repeatedly forcefully inseminated and made to give birth, until she’s too tired to do any more. She is then sent to slaughter to become ‘beef’.
Did I mention that the male calves become veal?
Some cows are given so much hormones that their udders become ridiculously large.image. Sometimes it’s hard for them even to stand or walk.

So these are just a few of the reasons why I think it’s wrong to support the meat, dairy and egg industries. If you want to know more, watch Earthlings. It covers everything.

Enjoying meat doesnt make you a bad person… Thats just their way of guilting you into becoming a vegan.

Think of it this way.. you work, you pay taxes.. your federal government taxes help fund wars, for america to go into other countries, kill people, and take what isnt theirs. Does being a tax payer make you bad person? No, you have to work to get by…. You have to eat in the same respect… And im sorry but tofu and anything of the sort, tastes like shit.

So I’ll be a wrongly accused “horrible person” for the rest of my life and still eat whatever i want.

kids at hardcore shows


if you walk into a show and look around, and the first thing you do is grab your phone from your pocket to tweet about what other kids at the show are wearing… get the fuck out.

there’s no room for you in the hardcore scene, you’re the real posers.
hardcore isn’t about what bands Merch you…

Mornings. {


I love clowns like if you love them too {

I love clowns like if you love them too